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Undergraduate Students Recipients of Research Awards

Kirsten Burke was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship to conduct her research project titled “Northern Renaissance Painting: A New Perspective,” and a Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award to explore whether the emotional significance of the visual modality and the auditory modality influence each other in her project titled “Interaction of the Visual and Auditory […]

Graduate Workshop: Art and Knowledge in the Middle Ages

Join the Department of the History of Art for a graduate workshop on “Art and Knowledge in the Middle Ages” with presentations by: Joshua O’Driscoll (Harvard University/CASVA), titled “Material Contemplations: The Gereon Sacramentary and the potential of painting in Ottonian Cologne,” and Marius Hauknes (Princeton University), titled “Painting and Knowledge in Late Medieval Rome.” Thursday […]

Graduate Student News

Maria Lumbreras Corujo presented her paper, “Portraying virtue: medicine and naturalism in 17th-century Spain,” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Annual Graduate Student Symposium on the History of Art, on March 22, 2014.

Paper Presentation

Nathan Dennis presented his paper, “Liminal Bodies, Transfigured Minds: Visualizing Perichoresis in the Albenga Baptistery,” at the 44th Annual Session of the Middle Atlantic Symposium in the History of Art (co-sponsored University of Maryland, College Park, and CASVA), on March 7–8, 2014. (View the complete program here.)