Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.010.616 (01)Leonardo da Vinci: Lives and Afterlives of a Premodern ArtistTh 4:30PM - 7:00PMCampbell, StephenGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.010.618 (01)On Weaving: Feminism, Ecology, CareF 1:30PM - 4:00PMSchopp, Caroline LillianGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.010.659 (01)The Passion and Resurrection from Middle Ages to Modernity: Image, Narrative, Drama, FilmW 1:30PM - 4:00PMMerback, MitchellGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.010.680 (01)Craft and Interaction in the Near East and Aegean during the Bronze and Iron AgesTh 1:30PM - 4:00PMAnderson, Emily S.K.; Feldman, MarianGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (01)Special Research/ProblemsCampbell, Stephen Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (02)Special Research/ProblemsFeldman, Marian Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (03)Special Research/ProblemsMerback, Mitchell Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (04)Special Research/ProblemsSchopp, Caroline Lillian Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (05)Special Research/ProblemsStager, Jennifer Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (07)Special Research/ProblemsLiu, Yinxing Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (08)Special Research/ProblemsZchomelidse, Nino Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (09)Special Research/ProblemsHyman, Aaron M. Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (10)Special Research/ProblemsBrown, Rebecca Mary Spring 2024
AS.010.802 (11)Special Research/ProblemsRustem, Unver Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (01)Individual WorkCampbell, Stephen Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (02)Individual WorkFeldman, Marian Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (03)Individual WorkMerback, Mitchell Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (04)Individual WorkSchopp, Caroline Lillian Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (05)Individual WorkStager, Jennifer Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (07)Individual WorkLiu, Yinxing Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (08)Individual WorkZchomelidse, Nino Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (09)Individual WorkHyman, Aaron M. Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (10)Individual WorkBrown, Rebecca Mary Spring 2024
AS.010.804 (11)Individual WorkRustem, Unver Spring 2024
AS.010.807 (01)Summer ResearchCampbell, Stephen Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (02)Summer ResearchFeldman, Marian Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (03)Summer ResearchMerback, Mitchell Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (04)Summer ResearchHyman, Aaron M. Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (05)Summer ResearchZchomelidse, Nino Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (06)Summer ResearchBrown, Rebecca Mary Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (07)Summer ResearchStager, Jennifer Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (08)Summer ResearchRustem, Unver Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (09)Summer ResearchSchopp, Caroline Lillian Summer 2024
AS.010.807 (10)Summer ResearchLiu, Yinxing Summer 2024
AS.010.603 (01)A Republic in Crisis: Florence 1490-1530TTh 1:30PM - 2:45PMCampbell, StephenGilman 177Fall 2024
AS.010.626 (01)Sacred Connections: The Arts of Pilgrimage in the Islamic World, c. 1500–1900Th 1:30PM - 4:00PMRustem, UnverBLC 2043Fall 2024
AS.010.639 (01)Obsessed with the Past: the Art and Architecture of Medieval RomeW 1:30PM - 4:00PMZchomelidse, NinoBLC 2043Fall 2024
AS.010.675 (01)Transnational Asian Art: Modernism in MotionM 1:30PM - 4:00PMBrown, Rebecca MaryGilman 177Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (01)Special Rsrch & ProblemsCampbell, Stephen Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (02)Special Rsrch & ProblemsFeldman, Marian Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (03)Special Rsrch & ProblemsMerback, Mitchell Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (04)Special Rsrch & ProblemsLiu, Yinxing Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (05)Special Rsrch & ProblemsHyman, Aaron M. Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (06)Special Rsrch & ProblemsSchopp, Caroline Lillian Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (08)Special Rsrch & ProblemsZchomelidse, Nino Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (10)Special Rsrch & ProblemsBrown, Rebecca Mary Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (13)Special Research & ProblemsStager, Jennifer Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (14)Special Research & ProblemsStager, Jennifer Fall 2024
AS.010.801 (15)Special Rsrch & ProblemsRustem, Unver Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (01)Individual WorkCampbell, Stephen Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (02)Individual WorkFeldman, Marian Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (03)Individual WorkMerback, Mitchell Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (04)Individual WorkLiu, Yinxing Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (05)Individual WorkHyman, Aaron M. Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (06)Individual WorkStager, Jennifer Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (07)Individual WorkSchopp, Caroline Lillian Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (08)Individual WorkZchomelidse, Nino Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (10)Individual WorkBrown, Rebecca Mary Fall 2024
AS.010.803 (13)Individual WorkRustem, Unver Fall 2024
AS.010.815 (01)History of Art Teaching Assistant - 2nd Year StudentsZchomelidse, Nino Fall 2024
AS.010.815 (02)History of Art Teaching Assistant - 3rd Year StudentsZchomelidse, Nino Fall 2024
AS.010.815 (03)History of Art Teaching Assistant - 4th Year StudentsZchomelidse, Nino Fall 2024
AS.133.618 (01)Egyptian Art and Material Culture I: The OriginMW 12:00PM - 1:15PMArnette, Marie-LysGilman 130GFall 2024