Graduate Students

  • Benjamin Allsopp

    Research Interests:  Visual Culture of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, particularly Italy

  • Marica Antonucci

    Research Interests:  Twentieth-century European art

  • Meghaa Ballakrishnen

    Meghaa Ballakrishnen

    Research Interests:  Art and criticism in 20th-century India; the international history of abstraction; feminist philosophy; Marxism, mass culture, and the social history of art; history and historiography of modernism and the avant-garde in comparative (North-South) contexts; aesthetics, art writing, and art-historical methods

  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Bevis

    Research Interests:  Roman art and archaeology; Roman villas in late antiquity; textiles and dress in the ancient world

  • Christopher Daly

    Christopher Daly

    Research Interests:  Italian painting 1300-1600, especially in Tuscany in the late 15th century; workshops and collaborative dynamics; the practice and history of connoisseurship; the collecting of Early Italian painting in North America.

  • Emily Friedman

    Emily Friedman

    Research Interests:  Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Northern Europe, with a particular focus on Lyon and the art of early modern France; humanism; intellectual history; Prints and print culture

  • Ella Gonzalez

    Ella Gonzalez

    Research Interests:  Art and archaeology of Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean world, women, gender, and sexuality studies, the historiography of art history, classical reception, cultural heritage, museum ethics

  • Miriam Grotte-Jacobs

    Miriam Grotte-Jacobs

    Research Interests:  Postwar American art; theories of modernism; history of photography; phenomenology

  • Bianca Hand

    Bianca Hand

    Research Interests:  Mesopotamian and Eastern Mediterranean art and archaeology; Bronze Age and Iron Age Material Interconnections; Art of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

  • Maximillian (Max) Hernandez

    Maximillian (Max) Hernandez

    Research Interests:  The visual arts in Italy from c. 1200 to c. 1500, more specifically the Quattrocento in Central Italy; the relationship between "displaced" objects and their material contexts; technical art history; patronage studies.

  • Laura Kaye

  • Christine Kim

    Research Interests:  Islamic art

  • Lauren Maceross

    Lauren Maceross

    Research Interests:  Medieval art

  • Kimia Maleki

    Kimia Maleki

    Research Interests:  Islamic art and material culture of Islamic lands

  • Orsolya Mednyánszky

    Orsolya Mednyánszky

    Research Interests:  Late medieval and early modern art; devotional art; images in the intersection of theology and science; book painting; historiography

  • Jason Mientkiewicz

    Research Interests:  20th-century art

  • Kyung-Seo (Kay) Min

    Research Interests:  Late medieval art and medicine, cross cultural exchange

  • Danielle Ortiz

  • Marco Pomini

  • Rachel Hiser Remmes

    Rachel Hiser Remmes

    Research Interests:  Medieval Manuscripts, Medieval Western Mediterranean, History of the Book

  • Celia Rodriguez Tejuca

    Research Interests:  Early Modern Latin American Art and Material Culture

  • Alexis Slater

    Research Interests:  Northern Renaissance art

  • Antongiulio Sorgini

    Research Interests:  Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian art

  • Matthew Sova

    Research Interests:  Art of Medieval Germany

  • Benjamin Stolurow

    Research Interests:  Art of Early Modern Northern Europe

  • Rebecca Quinn Teresi

    Rebecca Quinn Teresi

    Research Interests:  : Early modern Spanish art; art and theology; history of collecting; works on paper

  • Robert Vogt

    Robert Vogt

    Research Interests:  Medieval art

  • Grace Walsh

    Grace Walsh

    Research Interests:  Medieval and early modern Northern European art, history of the book ca 1350-1550, early print media, word-image relationship and reception theory, visual propaganda, and nineteenth-century revivalist and restoration movements.

  • Rachel Young

    Research Interests:  14th-16th century Italian art