BA/MA Program

BA/MA Degree Requirements in History of Art

Admission to the BA/MA program is restricted to current Johns Hopkins University undergraduate history of art majors who are pursuing the honors track in the department, including writing a senior honors thesis. Admission is based on outstanding performance in previous History of Art courses.

Students considering a five-year program are expected to declare their interest during the spring semester of their junior year. Prior to application, students must consult with the director of undergraduate studies, their faculty adviser, and the department administrator. A formal graduate application must be submitted by the departmental deadline for graduate admissions in the fall semester of the senior year for admission to the program in the spring of the senior year, meeting the requirement for concurrent status. In the senior (fourth) year, students are to devise a program of study that would best prepare them to do advanced work in their final (fifth) year. All requirements for the BA must be completed by the end of the fourth year.

In the MA (fifth) year, students must:

  • Take six graduate seminars in the History of Art Department
  • Demonstrate reading proficiency in one modern language according to the department’s modern language requirements

The BA and MA degrees are conferred consecutively: at the end of the senior year for the BA and the end of the fifth year for the MA. The department does not award degrees during the summer; students are expected to complete the degree requirements in conformance with the university Graduate Board spring deadlines. Specific departmental and Graduate Board deadlines are communicated to the student in due course.

Applicants interested in the BA/MA program must submit the following documentation along with their application:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcript(s)
  • Sample of Work

Note that the GRE is not a requirement for admission into the BA/MA program.