Financial Support

All graduate students entering the program from 2015 forward are guaranteed five years of support, contingent upon satisfactory progress year by year. This support covers the individual’s full tuition costs and health insurance, and includes a stipend (either a fellowship or salary stipend) annually. Student stipends are guaranteed at the level stated in the letter of offer (for incoming students) and in the renewal letter (for continuing students) for the duration of the applicable period. Students who have exhausted their five years of funding are welcome to apply for additional departmental funding, although this is by no means guaranteed.

All ABD students (those who have completed all requirements but the dissertation) are strongly encouraged to apply for external grants and fellowships to support themselves once their university-sponsored funding has expired. In certain cases, students may receive external grants prior to the expiration of their funding. In these cases, students may, upon request, “bank” their university-sponsored funding to use at a later date. This also applies for students who go on leave for a semester or year.

Complete information about financial support, and funding for the summer and other sources, can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Summer Funding

Annual fellowship stipends for all students who begin the program in or after 2015 will be inclusive of summer funding.  Students who entered the program prior to fall 2015 are eligible for summer funding from the Dean’s office (to be arranged by the department).

Every March, all students in the department are required to submit for approval a plan detailing how their summer funds are to be spent, including a simple projected budget. In rare instances where plans are not approved by the faculty, or not submitted in the first place, that portion of the annual stipend (amounting to 3x the monthly stipend pay), or, as applicable, the Dean’s Office funding will not be processed. The department’s summer planning evaluation process is designed to be completed by April 15 every year.

Summer employment not directly related to the student’s research or work in the program is strongly discouraged. All doctoral students, regardless of when they entered the program, are welcome to apply for additional, supplemental summer funding directly from the department. Although unable to guarantee it, the department endeavors to provide students with supplemental summer funding.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Students may supplement departmental funding with funding from sources outside the department. Details on these opportunities are circulated annually to all students by the department administrator in advance of the respective deadlines.

For students wishing to attend scholarly conferences, the department will commit a standard maximum amount of $750, to be used over the course of one’s career in the department.