Robert and Nancy Hall Undergraduate and Graduate Art Museum Fellowships: Summer 2022 Call for Applications

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The Hall Art Museum Fellowships provide graduate and undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University financial support in pursuing underpaid or unpaid art museum internships. In offering this funding, the Department of the History of Art seeks to enable students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the museum profession and to contribute meaningfully to the work taking place at art museums and art galleries across departments and areas of specialty.

The Department understands the category of art museum in an open and capacious sense, to include institutions that focus on the collecting, preservation, and/or display of art, architecture, visual and material culture, and archaeological remains, including architectural and archaeological sites. Should applicants have questions as to whether their internship qualifies, please send a query to the email address below.

Fellowships of $500 to $5000 will be awarded to students who have been awarded an art museum internship for a period during Summer 2022.

Note that University policy does not permit paid interns to receive academic credit for their internship.

To Apply

Applications should be made through the form available here:

The application form will ask you to submit the following:

  1. a short statement (1-2 paragraphs) explaining how the internship will support your academic study and/or future vocation and detailing your need for additional financial support
  2. the specific amount requested, and a description of how that money will be used to support the applicant during the internship.
  3. a brief description of the internship, including: how many weeks, how many hours/week, location, and the amount (if any) of compensation associated with the internship
  4. a resume or curriculum vitae
  5. an unofficial academic transcript

Application Review: The History of Art Department and the Program in Museums and Society will jointly review applications on April 15 and May 15.

Queries should be sent to Viktoria Waith in the History of Art department: