PhD & MA Alumni

Below is a list of our MA and PhD alumni. If you have updated information on one or more of the alumni below, please email us at

AuthorTitlePublication DateCurrent Position
Allara, Pamela EdwardsThe water-color illustrations of Charles Demuth1970
Allen, WilliamTekfur Saray in Istanbul: an architectural study1981
Allen, William JuliusMA: The imperial tombs at Holy Apostles: some indications1973
Allison, Ann HerseyThe Coronation of the Virgin by Tullio Lombardo1965
Allison, Ann HerseyThe statuettes of Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi, called Antico1969
Arensberg, Susan MacMillanThe Padua Bible and the late medieval biblical picture book1986
Bagnoli, MartinaThe medieval frescoes in the crypt of the Duomo of Anagni1998Director, Estense Gallery, Modena, Italy
Barzman, Karen-edisThe Università, Compagnia, ed Accademia del Disegno1985
Bauer, DoronSocial practices and Romanesque architectural sculpture in the Pyrenees2012Assistant Professor, Florida State University
Bauman, Jennifer MarieMiniature painting and its role at the Medici Court in Florence, 1537-16271998
Beckwith, Alice H. R. HauckJohn Ruskin's uses of illuminated manuscripts and their impact on his theories of art and society1983
Berlin, NicoleOld Houses, New Viewers: Domestic Renovation in Roman Sicily2019Zanvyl Krieger Curatorial Fellow, Walters Art Museum
Blom, LauraFrom Soderini's Cenotaph to the Cazzuola's Spectacles: Subverting Medicean Mythopoesis with the Macabre2017
Bok-van Kammen, WelmoetStadanus and the hunt1977
Boxer, David W.The early work of Francis Bacon1975
Brenson, Michael FrancisThe early work of Alberto Giacometti: 1925-19351974
Brubaker, LeslieThe illustrated copy of the Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus in Paris (Bibliothèque Nationale, cod. gr. 510)1982
Burns, Rodger C.Camillo Mariani: catalyst of the sculpture of the Roman Baroque1979
Butler, Kim E.Full of grace: Raphael's Madonnas and the rhetoric of devotion2002
Calvillo, Elena M.Imitation and invention in the service of Rome Giulio Clovio's works for Cardinals Marino Grimani and Alessandro Farnese2003
Camara, EsperançaPictures and prayers: Madonna of the Rosary imagery in post-Tridentine Italy2002
Campbell, C. JeanArt in the communal court: San Gimignano1991Professor, Art History Department, Emory University
Campbell, Stephen J.Cosmè Tura: art and social identity in fifteenth century Ferrara1993Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor, Department of the History of Art, Johns Hopkins University
Carman, Charles HenryCigoli studies1972
Caroselli, Susan L.The Casa Marliani and palace building in late quattrocento Lombardy1980
Clark, Eleanor BennettArchitectural settings and architectural backgrounds in the Étienne Chevalier Hours1964
Clements, JacquelynVisualizing Autochthony: The Iconography of Athenian Identity in the Late Fifth Century BCE2015
Cohen, Adam S.The Uta codex: b art and exegesis in the Ottonian age1995
Colantuono, AnthonyThe tender infant: invenzione and figura in the art of Poussen1986
Consagra, FrancescaThe De Rossi family print publishing shop: a study in the history of the print industry in seventeenth-century Rome1992
Cowart, William JohnEcoliers" to "fauves," Matisse, Marquet and Manguin drawings: 1890-19061972
Cwi, Joan S.St. John, Müstair and St. Benedict, Malles: a study in Carolingian imperial iconography1978
Dale, Thomas E. A.The crypt of the Basilica Patriarcale at Aquileia: its place in the art and history of the upper Adriatic1990
Danford, RachelManipulating Matter: Figural Stucco Sculpture in the Early Middle Ages2016Assistant Professor, Marshall University
Davisson, Darrell DeanThe advent of the Magi: a study of the transformations in religious images in Italian art 1260-14251971
DeCato, Francis A.The Belisarius theme in England and France 1767-18021974
DeLue, Rachael ZiadyGeorge Inness: landscape, representation, and the struggle of vision2000Christopher Binyon Sarofim '86 Professor in American Art and Old Dominion Professor, Council of the Humanities (2019-20)
Dennis, NathanPerforming Paradise in the Early Christian Baptistery: Art, Liturgy, and the Transformation of Vision2016Assistant Professor of Medieval Art, University of San Francisco
Di Resta, JasonGiovanni Antonio da Pordenone: Artistic Ambition and the Challenge of the Local2015Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
Diebold, William J.The artistic patronage of Charles the Bald 1990Jane Neuberger Goodsell Professor of Art History and Humanities at Reed College
Dobard, Raymond G.Subject-matter in the work of Käthe Kollwitz: an investigation of death motifs in relation to traditional iconographic patterns1975
Dodge, Barbara KathrynTradition, innovation and technique in Trecento mural painting: the frescoes and sinopie attributed to Francesco Traini in the Camposanto in Pisa1977
Driver, Monica MacraeMA: The creative volcano: an artistic image of the eighteenth century1974
Dupont, Susan McChesneyAnatomy of a scriptorium: the origins and early development of a scriptorium at the Cistercian abbey Alzelle (ca. 1190-1215)1979
Egan, ShannonAn American art: Edward S. Curtis and The North American Indian, 1907-1930 2006Director of the Schmucker Art Gallery at Gettysburg College
Erdreich, Ellen CooperQui hos cultus ... pinxerit?: illumination associated with Bartolombo Sanviro (circa 1435-circa 1512)1993
Evans, GroseBenjamin West's development and the sources of his style1953
Everett, ChestynThe romantic pathos of Eugene Delacroix1953
Fay, Jean DunstanThe bronze sculpture of Henri Matisse: a thematic and stylistic study1962
Filippini, CristianaThe eleventh-century frescoes of Clement and other saints in the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome1999
Finley, Gerald E.Interpretation of topographical views by English artists during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries1965
Fiorenza, GiancarloStudies in Dosso Dossi's pictorial language: painting and humanist culture in Ferrara under Duke Alfonso I d'Este2000
Fleck, Cathleen AnnPapal politics of a Trecento Bible: the Bible of Anti-pope Clement VII (London, British Library, ms. Add. 47672)1998
Fleischer, Roland E.The development of romantic-realist landscape painting in France and America1954
Fleischer, Roland E.Gustavus Hesselius1964
Folda, JaroslavThe illustrations in manuscripts of the History of Outremer by William of Tyre1968
Forgione, Nancy EllenEdouard Vuillard in the 1890s: intimism, theater, and decoration1992
Freedman, HenryJack Levine: painter and protester1975
Friedman, HannahTaste and Prudence in the Art of Jusepe de Ribera2016Mellon Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Art History and Archaeology at Columbia
Gage, FrancesGiulio Mancini's Considerazioni sulla pittura: recreation, manners and decorum in seventeenth-century Roman picture galleries2000Associate Professor, Art and Design Department, Buffalo State (The State University of New York)
Galizzi, AlessandraFlying babies in Emilian painting: iconographies of the Immaculate Conception circa 15001992
Garberson, Eric GrahamPlaces for books: monastic libraries of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in South Germany1991
Garrard, Mary D.The early sculpture of Jacopo Sansovino: Florence and Rome1970
Garrison, GailMA: Homer Dodge Martin1975
Gellman, Lola B.Petrus Christus1970
Gerry, Kathryn B.The Alexis Quire in the St Alban's Psalter and the monastic community of St Albans2007
Glass, Dorothy F.Studies on Cosmatesque pavements.1968
Golan, TamaraHans Fries and Niklaus Manuel: Evidence, Inquiry, and Knowledge in Swiss Painting, 1430-15302019Assistant Professor of Art History and the College
Medieval and Early Modern Art, University of Chicago
Gotlieb, Marc JosephFrom genre to decoration: studies in the theory and criticism of French salon painting, 1850-19001990
Gowen, Rebecca PriceMA: Nicolas of Verdun: a stylistic definition and a determination of stylistic sources, by Rebecca P. Gowen1972
Gowen, Rebecca PriceThe shrine of the Virgin in Tournai: its restorations and state-of-conservation1975
Gregg, Ryan E.Panorama, power, and history: Vasari and Stradano's city views in the Palazzo Vecchio2008
Grubar, Francis S.Richard Caton Woodville: an American artist, 1825 to 18551966
Gunhouse, GlennThe fresco decoration of Sant'Angelo in Formis1991
Hahn, CynthiaNarrative and liturgy in the earliest illustrated lives of the saints: Hanover, Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, Ms. 1891982
Hamilton, William Paul CurrellyThe sources of Bernardino Poccetti's style1973
Hansen, Morten SteenThe art of hubris: Pellegrino Tibaldi in the papal states2002
Haun, Charlene HennessyThe symbology of death in the tombs of Bernini1959
Haycraft, Robert KennethFrancois Clouet's Diane de Poitiers in her bath at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C1963
Hedeman, Anne DawsonThe illustrations of the Grandes chroniques de France from 1274 to 14221984
Hochstetler, Barbara JaneThe tomb of Louis XII and Anne of Brittany in Saint-Denis1973
Howe, Eunice D.The Hospital of Santo Spirito and Pope Sextus IV1977
Huggins, Lucille Lysbeth PowellCamillo Guarino Guarini; sources and characteristics of his style1958
Kabala, IreneMedieval decorated refectories in France, Italy and England until 12502001
Kahane, MayaMA2020
Kelly, Mary LucindaMA: Giovanni Battista Agucchi as a critic of the arts1974
King-Hammond, LeslieThe life and works of William Henry Johnson, 1901-19701975
Kingsley, Jennifer P.The Bernward Gospels: structuring memoria in eleventh-century Germany 2007
Kokole, StankoAgostino di Duccio in the tempio Malatestiano 1449-1457: challenges of poetic invention and fantasies of personal style1997
Kowsky, Francis R.Frederick Clarke Withers, 1828-19011972
Laing, Aileen HylandThe Queen Mary Apocalypse (London, British Museum Royal MS 19 B. XV)1971
Lam, Andrea K. OlsenThe Genesis and Transformation of the Visitation in Byzantine Art2010
Lane, Patricia S.MA: A comprehensive analysis of the "Genealogy of Christ" page Liber Floridus folio 2531973
Larson, Katharine JohnsonAlberto Burri in Rome, 1946-19602017Assistant Professor of Art History, Baylor University
Leduc, Annette IreneGavarni: the London years (1847-1851) / by Annette Irene Leduc.1991
Lee, Mary AliceHic domus: the decorative programma of the Sala Barberina in Rome1993
Leite, Laurence Arminio PereiraThe cycles of the martyrdom of Saint Agatha in Italian painting1966
Leopold, Nikia Speliakos ClarkArtists' homes in sixteenth century Italy1979
Lerski, HannaThe British antecedents of Thomas Jefferson's architecture1955
Leson, Richard A.Epic, artifice, and audience: the Pierpont Morgan Library's medieval Picture Bible (Ms. M.638) and the Psalter-Hours of Ghuiluys de Boisleux (Ms. M.730)2007
2017Andrew W. Mellon and Maude de Schauensee Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Department of European Painting and Sculpture
Libina, MarshaSebastiano del Piombo and his Collaboration with Michelangelo: Distance and Proximity to the Divine in Catholic Reformation Rome2015The American University of Paris (AUP), Art History & Fine Arts, Faculty Member
Locker, JesseThe hands of Aurora": Artemisia Gentileschi and her contemporaries2007Assistant Professor of Renaissance & Baroque Art History, Portland State University
Low, PeterEnvisioning faith and structuring lay experience: the narthex portal sculptures of Sainte-Madeleine de Vézelay2000Professor of Art, Williams College
Luchs, AlisonCestello: a Cistercian church of the Florentine Renaissance1975Curator of Early European Sculpture, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Lukehart, Peter M.Contending ideals: the nobility of G.B. Paggi and the nobility of painting1987Associate Dean, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Lydecker, John KentThe domestic setting of the arts in Renaissance Florence1987Retired Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Florida
MacNamidhe, MargaretThe dilemma of painting in the 1824 salon: a new interpretation of Eugene Delacroix's career2002Adjunct Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Magruder, James A., IIIByzantine Cameos and the Aesthetics of the Icon2014Adjunct faculty, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Mahoney, Lisa J.Re-presenting the past: the London Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César in the Holy Land2007Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture, DePaul University
Mann, C. GriffithFrom creation to the end of time: the nave frescoes of San Gimignano's Collegiata and the structure of civic devotion2002, Metropolitan Museum of Art's Michel David-Weill Curator in Charge of the Department of Medieval Art and the Met Cloisters
Markoski, KatherineElective affinities: artistic practice at Black Mountain College, 1948-19532013Director of Kohl Gallery and Lecturer in Art History, Washington College
Marseglia, EugeneThe architecture of Santa Maria della Steccata in Parma1966
Meyer, James SampsonThe genealogy of minimalism: Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt and Robert Morris1995Curator of Modern Art at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Milgrome, DavidThe theme of triumph in the Vittoria of Michelangelo and its influence on mannerist sculpture1959
Miller, Anne LewisThe sculptural decoration of Notre-Dame du Port: its place in romanesque sculpture of the Auvergne1964Assistant Professor of Art, Mary Baldwin College (d. 1967)
Moore, Mary Rosalie, SisterAn analysis of the iconography of St. Joseph in the nativity and adoration of the magi scenes of some fifteenth century painting in northern Europe and in Italy, c. 1420-14501965
Muehlberger, Richard C.William H. Ranlett and The architect1967
Nash, Jane ClintonTitan's poesie for Philip II1980Muralist and Painter in Portland, OR
Nathanson, Carol ArnoldThe American response, in 1900-1913, to the French modern art movement after Impressionism1973Professor Emeritus of Art History - Wright State University
Neilson, ChristinaBetween and across media: Verrocchio's creation of meaning in his workshop2009Associate Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art History, Oberlin College
Nelson, Robert J.Martin Chambiges and the development of French flamboyant architecture1974
Nordheim, KarenMA: Bari exultet I1973
Noreen, KirstinSant'Urbano alla Caffarella: eleventh-century Roman wall painting and the sanctity of martyrdom1998Professor of Art History at Loyola Marymount University
Noyes, Ruth S.A Me Toccano Masticare Pillole Amare." Rubens, The Oratorians and the Crisis over the Beati Moderni in Rome circa 1600: Towards a Revised Geography of the Catholic Reformation2010Postdoctoral Fellow, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
Nygren, ChrisVibrant icons: Titian's art and the tradition of Christian image-making2011Assistant Professor of Renaissance & Baroque Art, University of Pittsburgh
O'Connell, ShanaSurface, Suggestion, and Seeing Through: Visual Perception and the Significance of Objects Depicted in Roman Wall Painting2015Lecturer, Howard University
O'Connor, FrancisThe genesis of Jackson Pollock, 1912 to 19431965
Palermo, CharlesFixed ecstasy: the early artistic maturity of Joan Miró and Michel Leiris 2000Professor of Art and Art History, The College of William & Mary
Pederson, JillThe Academia Leonardi Vinci: visualizing dialectic in Renaissance Milan, 1480-14992007Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts, Arcadia University
Peers, GlennRepresenting angels: cult and theology in Byzantine art1995
Periti, GiancarlaAntonio Allegri of Correggio: private art, reception and theories of invention in early six sixteenth-century Emilian painting2003Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Pitman, Dianne WilliamsThe art of Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870)1989
Pizzinato, RiccardoExitus et reditus: the Codex Aureus of Saint Emmeram as pictorial exegesis2012Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Porter, VickiMA: The style of the Liber Floridus1974
Porter, VickiThe West looks at the East in the late Middle Ages: the Livre des merveilles du monde1977
Prasad, ShilpaModes of representation: genre, theater, music and voice in the work of Guercino2007
Prosperetti, Leopoldine van HogendorpJan Brueghel and the landscape of devotion: spiritual reform and landscape subjects in Atwerp painting between 1595 and 16252003
Raucher, MeredithBlood on the Cross: the Crucifixus Dolorosus and Violence in Italian Medieval Art2015Assistant Director, Scholarships, Virginia Commonwealth University
Roberts, Sally RutherfordKylichnis, the Attic pyxis1970
Robinson, Lilien FilipovitchMarc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre1978
Roth, LynetteThe Cologne Progressives: political painting in Weimar Germany2009
Russell, H. Diane (Helen Diane)Religious prints and drawings by Jacques Callot1970
Salathé, Julie PonessaRoman women portrayed as Venus: political, social, and religious contexts1997
Schenk, Kära L.Returning to Zion: the narrative of the Dura-Europos synagogue frescoes2006
Schlitt, Melinda WilcoxFrancesco Salviati and the rhetoric of style1991
Schowalter, Kathleen S.Capetian women and their books: art, ideology, and dynastic continuity in medieval France2005
Schumacher, BettHelen Frankenthaler's modernism: embodiment and pictorial ambiguity, 1950-19652004Chief of Staff/Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Amherst College
Severens, KennethThe cathedral at Sens and its influence in the twelfth century1968
Sherman, Claire RichterThe portraits of Charles V of France (1338-1380)1964
Simmons, W. Sherwin (William Sherwin)Kasimir Malevich's Black Square and the genesis of suprematism 1907-19151979
Skalet, Linda HenefieldThe market for American painting in New York, 1870-19151980
Sliwka, JenniferDomenico Beccafumi and the politics of devotion in sixteenth-century Siena2012Deputy Director Visual Commentary on Scripture Project and Senior Research Fellow, King's College London
Smith, Harriet ElaineGeorges Rouault's illustrations for Charles Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal1955
Smith, Jamie LynnSo moeti den schilt draghen; Dien God veruwede met roder greine: Jan van Eyck's critical principles of oil painting and their Middle Dutch antecedents2007
Sohm, Philip L. (Philip Lindsay)The scuoli grande di San Marco, 1437-1550: the architecture of a Venetian lay confraternity1978
Struhal, EvaLa semplice imitazione del naturale": Lorenzo Lippi's poetics of naturalism in seventeenth-century Florence2007
Summerscale, AnneAn introduction to Malvasia's life of the Carracci with a translation and commentary1995
Thielemans, VeerleThe afterlife of images: memory and painting in mid-nineteenth century France 2000
Thompson, James C. A.The Norman architecture of Gloucester Cathedral, formerly the Abbey of St. Peter1977
Thompson, WendyPigmei pizzicano di Gigante": the encounter between Netherlandish and Italian artists in the seventeenth-century Rome1997
Thunø, ErikBetween matter and spirit: the reliquaries of Pope Paschal I (817-24)1999Professor of Medieval Art, Department of Art History, Rutgers University
Tiffany, Tanya J.Interpreting Velázquez: artistic innovation and painted devotion in seventeenth-century Seville2003
Tilghman, Ben C.The symbolic use of ornament and calligraphy in the Book of Kells and Insular art  2009
Trippe, Rosemary C.The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and the image of Italian humanism2004
Valle, ChiaraWoven Words in the Lindisfarne Gospels2015Art History teacher in Monza, Italy
Van Dijk, Ann KarinThe oratory of Pope John VII (705-707) in Old St. Peter's  1995
Vusich, JannetteDivinus amor extasim facit: Fra Bartolommeo and mysticism in Renaissance Florence 2009
Ward, Mary MarthaCamille Pissarro in the 1880s1983
Warnock, MollyThought by Painting: The Early Work of Simon Hantaï2008Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art, Johns Hopkins University
Warwick, GenevievePadre Sebastiano Resta (1635-1714): collector, connoisseur, and critic of drawings1994
Watson, JenniferRealism and Representation: Arman, 1954-19642015Assistant Professor, Notre Dame University of Maryland
Weinberger, Ricki DianeThe Romanesque nave of St. Maurice at Vienne1978
Weisberg, Gabriel P.The Japanese penetration of Parisian art culture in the decade of the 1860s1966Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
Weisberg, Gabriel P.The early years of Philippe Burty: art critic, amateur and Japoniste, 1855-18751967Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
Weiss, Daniel H.The pictorial language of the Arsenal Old Testament: Gothic and Byzantine constributions and the meaning of crusader art (Paris, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, MS. 5211)1992President, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Weiss, Jo Ann W.Clarence Cook: his critical writings1976
Wellen, SanneAndrea del Sarto "pittore senza errori": between biography, Florentine society, and literature2003
Wiens, GavinMaking Siena: Art, Architecture, and State Formation, 1404 - 14872019Analyst at Shared Services Canada
Willette, Thomas C.Massimo Stanzione and Bernardo De Dominici: the life and work of a Neapolitan painter1988
Wilson, Jean C.Adriaen Isenbrant reconsidered: the making and marketing of art in sixteenth-century Bruges1983
Wong, Roberta WaddellWill Bradley, exponent of American decorative illustration at the end of the nineteenth century1971
Wood, Mary LouiseEarly twelfth-century sculpture in Pavia1977
Zervas, Diane Rose FinielloSystems of design and proportion used by Ghiberti, Donatello, and Michelozzo in their large-scale sculpture-architectural ensembles between 1412-14341973