November 28th: The ‘Long Sixties’ in Europe – MSEL Exhibit

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Please join the Department of the History of Art for an opening reception to celebrate “Robho in Context, an exhibition of avant-garde materials from Sheridan Libraries’ Special Collections curated by students in Professor Molly Warnock’s upper-level undergraduate seminar, “The ‘Long Sixties’ in Europe.” The student-curators and faculty member will be there to guide you through this exhibit and answer questions.

Edited by the art critic Jean Clay and the poet Julien Blaine, the journal Robho appeared in Paris during the turbulent years 1967- 1971, a period indelibly marked by the explosive events of May 1968. Its stance was anti-consumerist, opposing capitalist expansion in France. Its purview extended beyond Europe, reflecting the increasing globalization of avant-garde thought and display, and united artists actively debating both their roles within society and the nature of art itself. Inspired by Robho’s emphasis on new media, kinetic tendencies, and ephemeral performances, this exhibition features contributions by a diverse group of far-flung producers primarily in the 1960s and ’70s.