New Spring 2019 Courses

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The Department of the History of Art is excited to announced a new Spring 2019 course, AS.010.219- The Art of Colonial Latin America. The course is taught by Prof. Aaron Hyman and meets Monday/Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m.

This course offers a broad introduction to the arts of colonial Latin America: students will become familiar with the artistic production in the areas of Latin America invaded and controlled by the Spanish Crown from the sixteenth century to independence movements in the early nineteenth century. We will explore a wide range of materials: from maps to featherwork, paintings to urban grids, cathedrals to mummy bundles. Students will not only become familiar with the art of Latin America, but will come to understand critical topics related to the study of early modern colonialism: conquest, race, missionary control, literacy, extraction, and indigenous and imperial systems of governance.