Graduate Students

  • Marica Antonucci

    Research Interests: Twentieth-century European art

  • Meghaa Ballakrishnen

    Research Interests: History of Photography, Modern and Contemporary South Asia, Critical Theory and Philosophy of Aesthetics

  • Nicole Berlin

    Research Interests: Bronze Age Aegean; Greco-Roman Art and Archaeology; Roman mosaics and frescoes

  • Elizabeth (Ellie) Bernick

    Research Interests: Italian Renaissance

  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Bevis

    Research Interests: Roman art and archaeology; Roman villas in late antiquity; textiles and dress in the ancient world

  • Christopher Daly

    Research Interests: Italian painting 1300-1600

  • Emily Friedman

    Research Interests: 15th- and 16th-century Northern Europe

  • Tamara Golan

    Research Interests: 15th- and 16th-century German and Swiss Art

  • Miriam Grotte-Jacobs

    Research Interests: Postwar American art

  • Yu Na Han

    Research Interests: Visual culture in late medieval and early modern Germany

  • Bianca Hand

    Research Interests: Ancient Art of the Mediterranean and Near East

  • María Lumbreras

    Research Interests: Early Modern Spanish and Latin American Art

  • Lauren Maceross

    Research Interests: Medieval art

  • Orsolya Mednyánszky

    Research Interests: Late medieval art in Central Europe

  • Jason Mientkiewicz

    Research Interests: 20th-century art

  • Amy Miranda

    Research Interests: Art and architecture of Ancient Rome

  • James Baetjer Pilgrim

    Research Interests: Painting in early modern Italy, ecology and environmental history, early modern image theory

  • Antongiulio Sorgini

    Research Interests: Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian art

  • Matthew Sova

    Research Interests: Art of Medieval Germany

  • Benjamin Stolurow

    Research Interests: Art of Early Modern Northern Europe

  • Rebecca Quinn Teresi

    Research Interests: Early Modern Spanish Art

  • Robert Vogt

    Research Interests: Medieval art

  • Gavin T. Wiens

    Research Interests: Renaissance art